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2010, April 1st Chatlog: GoMe Meeting

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(04/01 19:54:55) Chat.log started...
(04/01 19:55:23)  GoMeLeonardo: Shorah Julee
(04/01 19:55:25)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: shorah
(04/01 19:55:34)  Luna(nne): shorah
(04/01 19:55:36)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: nice to see you all!
(04/01 19:55:41)  GoMe_Irissa: Shorah, Ju'lee
(04/01 19:55:42)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(04/01 19:55:49)  GoMeLeonardo: started a chat log
(04/01 19:55:54)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: oh, good
(04/01 19:56:13)  GoMeLeonardo: It will go in one of the GUild Books on the website
(04/01 19:56:21)  GoMe_Irissa: I did also, Leo
(04/01 19:56:27)  Luna(nne): good
(04/01 19:57:18)  GoMeLeonardo: Let's wait a bit more to see if someone else comes
(04/01 19:59:24)  GoMe_Irissa: Oh..dont let me forget to Ki Mail you folks what I have written up on CES
(04/01 19:59:48)  Luna(nne): yeah do that
(04/01 19:59:52)  GoMe_Irissa: In fact, with all of your permission, I'll do it now and get it over with, LOL
(04/01 19:59:58)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: great, thanks
(04/01 20:00:00)  GoMe_Irissa: oh darn it
(04/01 20:00:01)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(04/01 20:00:02)  GoMe_Irissa: I cant.
(04/01 20:00:07)  Luna(nne): i haven't yet managed to get a gome kimail
(04/01 20:00:10)  Luna(nne): not?
(04/01 20:00:11)  GoMe_Irissa: oh damn
(04/01 20:00:20) GoMe_Irissa kicks herself
(04/01 20:00:26)  GoMe_Irissa: pardon me one sec!
(04/01 20:00:28)  GoMe_Irissa: brb
(04/01 20:00:31)  GoMeLeonardo: lol
(04/01 20:00:39)  GoMeLeonardo: I can pass you the Kimails Lunanna
(04/01 20:00:46)  GoMeLeonardo: *Lunanne
(04/01 20:01:07)  Luna(nne): yeah do that, I would like to have them before the guild interest weekend
(04/01 20:01:09)  blutec: Shorah!
(04/01 20:01:16)  GoMeLeonardo: shorah blu!!
(04/01 20:01:24)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: shorah blutec
(04/01 20:01:28)  Luna(nne): shorah
(04/01 20:01:33) blutec waves hello
(04/01 20:01:40) GoMe.Ju'lee D waves hello
(04/01 20:01:51)  To Luna(nne): done
(04/01 20:01:55)  GoMeLeonardo: how are you?
(04/01 20:02:00)  blutec: oops, didn't change to apprioriate dress...
(04/01 20:02:07)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol
(04/01 20:02:16)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(04/01 20:03:08)  blutec: oh wait, now I know, I'm not in my GoMe avi... brb LOL
(04/01 20:03:28)  Luna(nne): I don't even have a gome avi
(04/01 20:03:30)  GoMe_Irissa: My deepest aplogies. Been having an insanely busy day.
(04/01 20:03:50)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(04/01 20:04:13)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: ya...I'm working as we speak so am watching with half-an-eye....(eeeuuuu)
(04/01 20:04:39) [crier] blutec waves hello
(04/01 20:04:46)  GoMeLeonardo: awwww. Next time we'll make it on a better time for america
(04/01 20:05:04)  Luna(nne): it will be worse for europe
(04/01 20:05:16)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol, luckily I'm working from home so no one can see me with two computers on my desk
(04/01 20:05:31)  GoMeLeonardo: eh, I know. Maybe on a weekend we'll be able to get more ppl together
(04/01 20:05:42)  [crier] blutec: lol great Ju'lee
(04/01 20:05:42)  GoMe_Irissa: All of you should have 2 ki mails from me, dated today.
(04/01 20:05:48)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: yes thanks
(04/01 20:05:49)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(04/01 20:05:52)  Luna(nne): yeah I got it
(04/01 20:05:52)  [crier] blutec: I have, ty Irissa
(04/01 20:06:08)  GoMe_Irissa: I hope so, Leo..the downtime last week really threw us all into a scheduling problem
(04/01 20:06:13)  [crier] blutec: is someone logging?
(04/01 20:06:18)  GoMe_Irissa: yep
(04/01 20:06:23)  [crier] blutec: great
(04/01 20:06:51)  Luna(nne): so shall we start with the official business?
(04/01 20:07:03) GoMe_Irissa is ready.
(04/01 20:07:06)  GoMeLeonardo: yep
(04/01 20:07:15)  GoMeLeonardo: so
(04/01 20:07:30)  GoMeLeonardo: the first subject for today is the Cavern Events Team
(04/01 20:08:08)  GoMe_Irissa: First off, forgive me slowness at typing what is current. Could not print today.
(04/01 20:08:18)  GoMeLeonardo: dont worry ^^
(04/01 20:08:22)  GoMe_Irissa: Does everyone here know what the Cavern events team is?
(04/01 20:08:34)  [crier] blutec: Not yet :-)
(04/01 20:08:50)  GoMe_Irissa: right. Then I shall just begin at the beging.
(04/01 20:09:34)  [crier] blutec: (only if it's not too much trouble)
(04/01 20:09:41)  GoMe_Irissa: Players need in-game content. And while we wait for Cyan to do the Open Source process, players who finished their ages may get bored.
(04/01 20:10:07)  GoMe_Irissa: We need to keep those players here. Cyan depends on a big player base to move on with their plans.
(04/01 20:10:42)  GoMe_Irissa: Hence, a focused team of people need to work with the player base, the Guilds, and the other groups to further that goal.
(04/01 20:10:55)  GoMe_Irissa: I've been working on a plan to make that happen.
(04/01 20:11:45)  GoMe_Irissa: To summerize the goal of this group: Cavern Event Services will be the go-to group for all event creation, hosting, support, etc.
(04/01 20:12:17)  GoMe_Irissa: By having staff, a Bevin and a website, CES will assist in all cavern events of any type.
(04/01 20:12:37)  [crier] blutec: Is it a coordination or organizing (or both) thing?
(04/01 20:12:50)  GoMe_Irissa: Both
(04/01 20:12:58)  GoMe_Irissa: let me list what I hope we can offer
(04/01 20:13:08) GoMe_Irissa catches her breath.
(04/01 20:13:31)  GoMe_Irissa: 1. Development, creation, support, and hosting of events.
(04/01 20:13:37)  Luna(nne): would you also approach others with the question or they want to be promoted by the CET/GoMe. o I'll wait XD
(04/01 20:14:47)  GoMe_Irissa: 2. Offer all types of support to said player base, be they indivduals, guilds or groups.
(04/01 20:15:16)  GoMe_Irissa: 3. Create a system that allows CES to handle all these things efficiently
(04/01 20:15:45)  GoMe_Irissa: This would involve the CES Bevin, the CES Website, Ki Mails, etc.
(04/01 20:16:14)  GoMe_Irissa: 4. Sponsership: A community effort to promote groups and guilds through support from CES.
(04/01 20:16:41)  GoMe_Irissa: 5. Relationships with all Guilds, and a close relationship with GoMe.
(04/01 20:17:05)  GoMe_Irissa: I could post further details, but perhaps it would be better to take any questions?
(04/01 20:17:19)  GoMe_Irissa: Luna: did I get yours answered?
(04/01 20:17:22) [crier] blutec likes it verrrrry much *puts slacker-mind to sleep / dusts support-cap*
(04/01 20:17:23)  Luna(nne): maybe you could recruite by all guilds
(04/01 20:17:33)  Luna(nne): yeah sort of
(04/01 20:17:37)  GoMe_Irissa: I plan to approach each guild individually
(04/01 20:17:52)  GoMe_Irissa: however, as you all know, some members of some Guilds are hesitant of change.
(04/01 20:17:58)  Luna(nne): there is this marker game bevin. would you alsp promote that kind of stuff
(04/01 20:18:08)  Luna(nne): which isn't really an event
(04/01 20:18:13)  GoMe_Irissa: Yes indeed, Luna...
(04/01 20:18:14)  GoMeLeonardo: Yes I mainly think that the more diffcult part would be managing all the content in the Cavern since KIs have limited storage and Imagers can't hold many documents nor they let ppl download them
(04/01 20:18:36)  GoMe_Irissa: Leo, I very much agree, and that is a difficult thing to overcome.
(04/01 20:19:11)  GoMe_Irissa: Our recent discussion about having a Guild presence in GoMe is tied to that.
(04/01 20:19:21)  GoMe_Irissa: Pardon, the GoMe avatar.
(04/01 20:19:39)  Luna(nne): a bo tthing might be interesting
(04/01 20:19:53)  Luna(nne): *bot like the one the guild of greeters has
(04/01 20:20:18)  GoMe_Irissa: I've approached OHB about this. At present, he is not willing to share his code. Howver, he is receptive to further communication about it.
(04/01 20:20:47)  GoMe_Irissa: OHB is one of the few people who have been contact about this project.
(04/01 20:20:51)  Luna(nne): okay
(04/01 20:21:05)  [crier] blutec: OHB is also looking onto automate KImail :-)
(04/01 20:21:19)  GoMeLeonardo: That would be useful!
(04/01 20:21:23)  GoMe_Irissa: I'd also like to remind everyone that there is a bullet list that I wrote about this, in the Visitors forum on the website.
(04/01 20:21:32)  GoMe_Irissa: That would be incredibly useful indeed.
(04/01 20:21:36)  Luna(nne): maybe more criers would help.
(04/01 20:22:03)  GoMeLeonardo: yes, indeed
(04/01 20:22:12)  GoMe_Irissa: I'm currently working on several aspects of the CES project, and an happy to say I have found someone who can host the CES website.
(04/01 20:22:33)  GoMeLeonardo: great ^^
(04/01 20:22:40)  [crier] blutec: I'll try to look into it to see what I can contribute to this project
(04/01 20:22:43)  GoMe_Irissa: Other things I'm working include a CES mandate, recruiting tools, and lots of writing to prepare.
(04/01 20:22:56)  GoMeLeonardo: do you mean a found a person or you found a good hosting company
(04/01 20:22:57)  GoMeLeonardo: ?
(04/01 20:23:27)  Luna(nne): you should also think of a way to promote
(04/01 20:23:35)  GoMe_Irissa: Without going into to much detail, I have found someone who will pay a company to use the CES website.
(04/01 20:23:42)  GoMeLeonardo: I see
(04/01 20:24:04)  GoMe_Irissa: Luna: promoting is very big in my mind. At this time, I'm keeping a low profile while I develop the basics of the group.
(04/01 20:24:18)  GoMe_Irissa: Pardon..to HOST the CES website.
(04/01 20:24:22)  GoMeLeonardo: just FYI the GoMe uses SophiaHosting, which is quite cheap and offers many services
(04/01 20:24:42)  [crier] blutec: it will be quite an architecture I guess to set it up
(04/01 20:24:49)  GoMeLeonardo: yeah
(04/01 20:24:50)  GoMe_Irissa: I'll hit you on that topic later on, Leo, and thank you for the tip.
(04/01 20:25:02)  Luna(nne): no it is just that the community is quite spread, and some groups don't look on each other forums etc.
(04/01 20:25:08)  GoMe_Irissa: Bluetec: I have experiance in developing and creating websites.
(04/01 20:25:09)  Luna(nne): some don't look on forums at all
(04/01 20:25:37)  [crier] blutec: oh sorry I meant the whole package not the architecture of the media
(04/01 20:25:46)  GoMe_Irissa: Luna: promotion will require posting on multiple sites, and here in the cavern as well.
(04/01 20:25:57)  GoMe_Irissa: bluetec: on that you are correct.
(04/01 20:25:57)  GoMeLeonardo: yes, I think you should point mainly on the Cavern part of the CES and use the site for general infos on who you are and for coordinating your memebers
(04/01 20:26:07)  GoMe_Irissa: Leo: that is the plan
(04/01 20:26:44)  GoMe_Irissa: Blutec: any interest you have in assisting this propose group is appreciated.
(04/01 20:27:17)  Luna(nne): hmmm could I make an unrelated comment or should I note it down for later
(04/01 20:27:20)  GoMe_Irissa: Let me state that I can't possibly think of every issue, problem etc, and I am very open to any feedback, advise, criticism, etc.
(04/01 20:27:22)  [crier] blutec: You'll have me :-)
(04/01 20:27:52)  GoMe_Irissa: I don't think I have anything else vital to report.
(04/01 20:27:52)  [crier] blutec: me & my support I mean
(04/01 20:29:00)  GoMeLeonardo: uhm....she puffed
(04/01 20:29:16)  [crier] blutec: lol
(04/01 20:29:17)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: goodness
(04/01 20:30:03)  GoMeLeonardo: However I think this CES would be great thing especially if it will be able to cover many links between groups
(04/01 20:30:22)  GoMeLeonardo: like The GoMa, which is quite active in that field, the D'niJs
(04/01 20:30:27)  GoMeLeonardo: and others
(04/01 20:31:05)  Luna(nne): i think the guild interest weekends will also help
(04/01 20:31:08)  [crier] blutec: It's also nice for those to join to offer support if they're not in for a Guild
(04/01 20:31:38)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(04/01 20:31:57)  GoMeLeonardo: They'd be a bit like an expansion of the Cavern Criers
(04/01 20:32:13)  [crier] blutec: and if it's easy to organize an eent, there will be more, and more events will be good for logins
(04/01 20:32:26)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: wb
(04/01 20:32:27)  [crier] blutec: wb Irissa
(04/01 20:32:41)  GoMe_Irissa: Sorry about that. Disconnected. Returned as quickly as I could.
(04/01 20:32:44)  GoMeLeonardo: wb Irissa
(04/01 20:32:51)  [crier] blutec: np
(04/01 20:32:51)  Luna(nne): wb Irissa
(04/01 20:32:56)  GoMe_Irissa: thank you :)
(04/01 20:33:12)  GoMeLeonardo: we kept discussing a bit on the CES
(04/01 20:33:48)  GoMe_Irissa: On that topic, might I suggest something?
(04/01 20:34:13)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(04/01 20:34:19)  GoMe_Irissa: I'd perfer to get anything about CES off the public forum area of GoMe.
(04/01 20:34:33)  GoMe_Irissa: I'd like to create a new thread in the private areas. Is this agreeable?
(04/01 20:34:42)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(04/01 20:34:50)  GoMe_Irissa: I'll do that today.
(04/01 20:35:11)  GoMeLeonardo: I can move your topic to the private section, or if you prefer to create a new one just go for it
(04/01 20:35:21)  GoMe_Irissa: Little did I know, when I first posted, how quicly you lovely folks would integrate me into the GoMe group :)
(04/01 20:35:35)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(04/01 20:35:38)  GoMe_Irissa: I'd perfer, with your permission, to create a new thread :)
(04/01 20:35:47)  GoMeLeonardo: yes :)
(04/01 20:36:48)  To Prynn: Done! SOrry if you haven't met any CavernCrier, we'd doing a Guild Meeting right now ^^
(04/01 20:37:09)  GoMeLeonardo: ok..sorry I ws PMing with someone requesting some KImails XD
(04/01 20:37:15) GoMe_Irissa laughs
(04/01 20:37:39)  GoMe_Irissa: Any other CES matters you all want to throw at me?
(04/01 20:38:09)  GoMeLeonardo: It would be wonderful if you can create links with the D'niJs and other groups like them
(04/01 20:38:27)  GoMeLeonardo: They're a great source of events
(04/01 20:38:32)  GoMe_Irissa: That is on my list of things to do!
(04/01 20:38:50)  GoMe_Irissa: I very much agree with that.
(04/01 20:38:54)  Luna(nne): we might need a link between the CES website and the GoMe
(04/01 20:38:56)  GoMeLeonardo: Also, the Maintainers are active on the Events Organization side
(04/01 20:39:11)  Luna(nne): so that events don't have to be posted twice
(04/01 20:39:15)  GoMe_Irissa: Luna: that is also planned
(04/01 20:39:21)  GoMe_Irissa: the link I mean
(04/01 20:39:44)  GoMe_Irissa: Leo: of this I am aware of, and they are the first guild I am going to approch.
(04/01 20:40:18)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(04/01 20:40:32)  GoMeLeonardo: It seems you've done a lot of good research!!
(04/01 20:40:34)  GoMeLeonardo: great
(04/01 20:40:56)  GoMe_Irissa: I'm trying very hard to consider all aspects of this group that need to be identified. :)
(04/01 20:41:50)  GoMe_Irissa: I'm very carefully considering how to approach the other guilds. It will require great tact and diplomacy
(04/01 20:42:12)  GoMeLeonardo: On the Events side: it would be very interesting to have some events with Europe affordable times...we can't make almost any of them
(04/01 20:42:31)  [crier] blutec: just remember, even at its most carefull you'll always meet sensitive toes
(04/01 20:42:42)  [crier] blutec: never mind those I mean
(04/01 20:42:46)  Luna(nne): the d'ni university wanted to make sure all timezones could come
(04/01 20:42:49)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: and there is such a European fan base - that should happen
(04/01 20:42:52)  GoMeLeonardo: don't be scared of the Guilds, they are explorers just like all of us
(04/01 20:42:57)  GoMe_Irissa: I very much agree. I will EU players are most certainly as important as any other group
(04/01 20:43:06)  Luna(nne): yeah but less organized I think
(04/01 20:43:24)  GoMe_Irissa: Blutec: yes, but honey AND a stick are better then just a stick, heh.
(04/01 20:43:49)  [crier] blutec: lol
(04/01 20:43:55)  GoMeLeonardo: lol
(04/01 20:44:06)  GoMeLeonardo: yes EU people are less organized
(04/01 20:44:19)  GoMe_Irissa: I'd like to think that the first post I made on the GoMe forums was the sort of approacth that would be useful in this effort.
(04/01 20:44:34)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(04/01 20:44:35)  [crier] blutec: ok, I'll try to make an exception on those EU's then lol
(04/01 20:44:47)  GoMeLeonardo: LOL blu
(04/01 20:44:51)  Luna(nne): yeah, be open and expect not always polite comments
(04/01 20:44:58)  [crier] blutec: (and read the GoMe forums for starters)
(04/01 20:45:05)  Luna(nne): try not to get into arguing
(04/01 20:45:06)  GoMe_Irissa: At this point, and no offense intended, I think EVERYONE is still trying to get organized again.
(04/01 20:45:22)  GoMe_Irissa: Luna: oh, that is a given :)
(04/01 20:45:23) GoMeLeonardo agrees
(04/01 20:45:39)  [crier] blutec: so no better moment to start along I guess
(04/01 20:45:55)  GoMe_Irissa: I've always been happy to get into something that has just started, and fill any needs that appear to be required.
(04/01 20:46:35)  GoMe_Irissa: My own personal mandate..having been involved with several start-up companies Topside
(04/01 20:46:36)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: a true GoMe there...
(04/01 20:46:49)  GoMe_Irissa: LOL
(04/01 20:46:55)  Luna(nne): so shall we go on to the next point, or am I the only one without patience?
(04/01 20:47:03)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol
(04/01 20:47:11)  GoMeLeonardo: yes ^^
(04/01 20:47:12)  GoMe_Irissa: I'm fine with that, Luna
(04/01 20:47:43)  GoMeLeonardo: The next point would be about our approach to the new MOULa
(04/01 20:48:00)  GoMeLeonardo: if anyone has suggestions to bring about things we could make better or thing that don't work
(04/01 20:48:10)  Luna(nne): rel.to
(04/01 20:48:13)  GoMeLeonardo: also relating to our website
(04/01 20:48:18)  Luna(nne): it is almost complelely unknown
(04/01 20:48:28)  GoMeLeonardo: yes....it needs more visibility
(04/01 20:48:44)  Luna(nne): it could be mentioned in a ki mail maybe
(04/01 20:48:52)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: too bad we can't put posters up in the city
(04/01 20:48:57)  GoMeLeonardo: How do you think it could be advertized?
(04/01 20:49:00)  GoMe_Irissa: Perhaps a list of GoMe related sites in the Ki Mails we pass out?
(04/01 20:49:24)  Luna(nne): yeah , I also use the banner and mention it sometimes
(04/01 20:49:28)  GoMe_Irissa: And all the guilds sites could add a link to ours
(04/01 20:49:40)  GoMeLeonardo: yes, althought we don't have other external sites that rel.to
(04/01 20:49:51)  [crier] blutec: rel.to can't be used as a tiny-url I think, but for links in KImail it would be great
(04/01 20:49:56)  Luna(nne): we could put it in the bevin and such
(04/01 20:50:06)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: and talk it up on guild weekends
(04/01 20:50:12)  GoMeLeonardo: yes
(04/01 20:50:14)  GoMe_Irissa: oh yes
(04/01 20:50:17)  [crier] blutec: like disposable tinyurls I mean, it is of course working for approved sites
(04/01 20:50:36)  Luna(nne): maybe ask the gog or it could be mentioned on their images
(04/01 20:50:45)  Luna(nne): as it is also useful for newbies
(04/01 20:50:53)  GoMe_Irissa: Luna: good idea
(04/01 20:51:41)  GoMeLeonardo: I'll let the Liaisons know about this, maybe they can think of a good way of doing that with thir respective groups
(04/01 20:51:42)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Blu: I'm not sure what you mean by tiny url
(04/01 20:52:03)  GoMeLeonardo: A way to abbrev. the URLs
(04/01 20:52:21)  GoMeLeonardo: like: www.guildofmessengers.com becomes rel.to/gome
(04/01 20:52:28)  [crier] blutec: To lgive a short to remember link to an event for example in KImail
(04/01 20:52:48)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: ohhhhh, gotcha thanks
(04/01 20:53:06)  GoMe_Irissa: Besides getting our sites out there, so to speak, is there not also an interest in additional content we can report on?
(04/01 20:53:08)  [crier] blutec: now rel.to has links to approved sites (good thing)
(04/01 20:54:00)  GoMeLeonardo: new we mainly report Events, news are little
(04/01 20:54:21)  Luna(nne): there will be more links , the list-to-add is still quite long
(04/01 20:54:21)  GoMeLeonardo: In which direction should we expand?
(04/01 20:54:29)  GoMe_Irissa: Are you all aware I am currently working on an GoMe's first sponsered Interview
(04/01 20:54:41)  GoMeLeonardo: right, interviews.
(04/01 20:54:48)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I was just going to ask about that
(04/01 20:54:54)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I like that idea
(04/01 20:55:08)  GoMeLeonardo: I'm only concerned with their visibility, with no more Newspaper
(04/01 20:55:13)  GoMe_Irissa: As a side note, I hope to have Jahmen's reply with "green light, move forward" soon. He's not feeling well.
(04/01 20:55:26)  GoMeLeonardo: Doh we lost lunanne
(04/01 20:55:26)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: who is Jahmen?
(04/01 20:55:52)  GoMe_Irissa: Ju'lee: the Marker Games creator :)
(04/01 20:55:59)  GoMeLeonardo: he organizes the Marker Games
(04/01 20:56:01)  [crier] blutec: Andros mentioned roleplaying messengers, I'm not good at that, I think, but could play along, could be a direction (one of)
(04/01 20:56:02)  GoMe_Irissa: er..Bevin creator, I should say.
(04/01 20:56:15)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: oh, thx
(04/01 20:56:42)  GoMe_Irissa: As for interviews, I had thought to try to "profile" users, Guilds etc in an interview format.
(04/01 20:56:44)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: can you explain roleplaying messengers?
(04/01 20:56:47)  GoMeLeonardo: I'm not good in that either. But yes an IC side of the GoMe can be nice
(04/01 20:57:01)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: what role would they be playing?
(04/01 20:57:08)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: (they....we..._
(04/01 20:57:47)  GoMeLeonardo: well, they'd develop some sort of IC storyline of the GoMe
(04/01 20:58:08)  [crier] blutec: it could be just be a little more IC, but again, I've no experience, other than play along someones else character
(04/01 20:58:26)  GoMeLeonardo: I can't imagine that very well, as I said I'm bad at role playing
(04/01 20:58:47)  GoMe_Irissa: with a script, I can role-play..but not ad-lib as IC
(04/01 20:58:52)  [crier] blutec: etelka is coming in :-)
(04/01 20:58:53)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: So we'd need a story to play against and we'd have to come up with one?
(04/01 20:59:06)  GoMeLeonardo: good
(04/01 20:59:36)  GoMe_Irissa: Shorah, Telka
(04/01 20:59:37)  crierTelka: S/wave
(04/01 20:59:39) GoMe_Irissa waves hello
(04/01 20:59:43)  GoMeLeonardo: yes I think Julee, but don't look at me for that XD
(04/01 20:59:48)  crierTelka: Sorry for being late
(04/01 20:59:53)  GoMeLeonardo: shorah e'telka!
(04/01 21:00:03)  [crier] blutec: Maybe it's good to check Andros (or was it Kalypso's) post in the forums on that (roleplay GoMe)
(04/01 21:00:06)  GoMeLeonardo: don't worry
(04/01 21:00:12) [crier] blutec waves hello
(04/01 21:00:12)  [crier] blutec: hi etelka
(04/01 21:00:14)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lol....shorah Telka
(04/01 21:00:38)  GoMeLeonardo: lol blu....since Andros=Kalypso you're right either way
(04/01 21:00:39)  GoMe_Irissa: Might I also suggest reporting on happenings within the Cavern? Rands appearance, as an example.
(04/01 21:00:54)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Yes, I agree with that Irissa
(04/01 21:01:01)  GoMeLeonardo: Agreed
(04/01 21:01:09)  crierTelka: Agreed
(04/01 21:01:11)  [crier] blutec: He'll try to get in every day, so news every day LOL
(04/01 21:01:15)  GoMeLeonardo: we're talking about how we could improve us services Telka :)
(04/01 21:01:27)  crierTelka: Good :)
(04/01 21:01:28)  GoMeLeonardo: LOL
(04/01 21:01:53)  [crier] blutec: maybe a twitter alarm on Rand service ;-)
(04/01 21:01:58)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(04/01 21:02:03)  GoMe_Irissa: If we had a thread, I'd prolly post every 3 days or so, with content ideas to report on
(04/01 21:02:15)  GoMe_Irissa: blue: YES YES
(04/01 21:03:07)  [crier] blutec: bots are our friends :-)
(04/01 21:03:14)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: but are we not the reporters too?
(04/01 21:03:17)  crierTelka: Ha ha, true
(04/01 21:03:25)  GoMeLeonardo: Irissa there's no limit to the news we report on, as long as they're related to Myst. We don't need to filter them up so you can just post them on the front page
(04/01 21:03:42) GoMe.Ju'lee D nods her head
(04/01 21:04:31)  GoMe_Irissa: I'd also like to see if we could someknow notify people in-cavern with a list of recent news we have posted on the site...WHEN there is more news being posted.
(04/01 21:04:54)  GoMe_Irissa: integrate it into one of our existing kiMails we pass out
(04/01 21:05:03)  [crier] blutec: to be truthful: we're depending more on others' input on news, instead of having the luxury of reporters, but very happy to have reporters in da house (yes!)
(04/01 21:05:09)  GoMeLeonardo: I there are many things that can be of interest for the community. SO the only filter needed to post on the Front page would be if you think the news would be something of interest for the whole community
(04/01 21:05:14)  crierTelka: A hot news mail
(04/01 21:05:22)  GoMe_Irissa: Telka: nice idea!
(04/01 21:06:32)  GoMe_Irissa: My issue is that a lot of the time, whatever is happen so engages me I forget that I should report it..I've just thought of a solution for that, hoever.
(04/01 21:06:41)  GoMeLeonardo: Right if we can get intern reporters we might also be able to bring the Newspaper out again
(04/01 21:07:17)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Seems to me the more we increase our presence - the more visible we are - the more we can recruit
(04/01 21:07:45)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: the criers are vital, seems to me
(04/01 21:08:04)  GoMe_Irissa: Personally, I think just having a specific journal that reports could dump "sightings" into would be nice, and then we could periodcally compose those into a nice little front page post
(04/01 21:08:30)  GoMe_Irissa: er reporters, even
(04/01 21:08:39) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(04/01 21:09:11)  GoMe_Irissa: Rand seen in GoG! Bahros seen in City at 11 pm Cavern time. etc.
(04/01 21:09:58)  [crier] blutec: we'll have to offer a twitter hashtag for those :-)
(04/01 21:10:15)  GoMe_Irissa: any player can be a reporter...perhaps we need to develop a new system to get those players to help us
(04/01 21:10:29)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Sort of a "flash news" series of one-liners on the GoMe front page?
(04/01 21:10:29)  GoMe_Irissa: Welcome back, Lunanne
(04/01 21:10:33)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: wb
(04/01 21:10:35)  Luna(nne): sorry giys but my laptop freaked
(04/01 21:10:36)  GoMeLeonardo: wb Lunnanne
(04/01 21:10:40)  GoMe_Irissa: Ju'lee yep
(04/01 21:10:41)  Luna(nne): *guys
(04/01 21:10:42)  [crier] blutec: wb Luna'nne
(04/01 21:10:56)  crierTelka: Hi Luna'nne
(04/01 21:10:57)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I like that idea too - sometimes one line is all the news is
(04/01 21:11:11)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: too short to create a "news story" but still news
(04/01 21:11:27)  GoMe_Irissa: for example, I have a group of buddies who I could send "report this sighting" request email
(04/01 21:11:39)  Luna(nne): that sounds interesting
(04/01 21:11:46)  GoMe_Irissa: They could then just forward back to me every few days.
(04/01 21:12:07)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I know I used to use the UO site for that kind of news
(04/01 21:12:22)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I'd just keep it up and check for news periodically
(04/01 21:12:26)  GoMe_Irissa: My point being that if we could develop a system (in cavern) to get the player base to help US, it would be very usefull
(04/01 21:12:52)  [crier] blutec: nice!
(04/01 21:12:55)  Luna(nne): yeah I have noticed that doesn't really happen now
(04/01 21:13:14)  GoMe_Irissa: its got to be IN cavern though
(04/01 21:13:20)  Luna(nne): but I hope the Guild interest weekend will help too
(04/01 21:13:33)  Luna(nne): maybe make one ki mail with oneliners
(04/01 21:13:50)  Luna(nne): that would give lots of information with taking a lot of space
(04/01 21:13:58)  [crier] blutec: everyone a crier :-)
(04/01 21:14:02)  GoMe_Irissa: I shall post on our forums a few suggestions about getting that sort of content from the player base.
(04/01 21:14:07)  Luna(nne): * without of course
(04/01 21:14:51)  GoMe_Irissa: blutec: i meant everyone a reporter...WE post the news, we dont see it. Hehe.
(04/01 21:15:19)  Luna(nne): maybe we could use guild shirts for it, if someone has news he/she can tellsomeone in a messenger shirt
(04/01 21:15:42)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: certainly!
(04/01 21:15:45) GoMeLeonardo nods his head
(04/01 21:16:18)  GoMe_Irissa: I spend 90% of my time in my Primary avatar, not this one. but ALL my buddies know I am a member of GoME
(04/01 21:16:49)  GoMe_Irissa: I'd trust them to send my other avater whatever.
(04/01 21:16:50)  Luna(nne): but to be crier you don't have to be a lot of time in the cavern right
(04/01 21:16:54)  GoMeLeonardo: We could also try to involve more the non english speaking communities
(04/01 21:17:00)  Luna(nne): especially not when we have more people
(04/01 21:17:17)  GoMeLeonardo: right luna
(04/01 21:17:35)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Yes Leo!
(04/01 21:17:42)  GoMe_Irissa: I just meant that if we depended on getting reports from the player base ONLY if they saw a yellow shirt, we might not get as many reports.
(04/01 21:17:43)  Luna(nne): if we make that clearer to the other messengers maybe more people will become one
(04/01 21:18:10)  GoMeLeonardo: I know there is an grteat active community of french speaking ppl and Sirlazurus is a link with the Portuguese. The Italian Communty is also active
(04/01 21:18:27)  Luna(nne): I don't know about that leo. soe non 0 english communities aren't very big or active
(04/01 21:18:33)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Germany too I think
(04/01 21:18:34)  GoMe_Irissa: I don't even speak english well, let alone another language, heh.
(04/01 21:18:36)  Luna(nne): * some
(04/01 21:18:49)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(04/01 21:18:54)  GoMe_Irissa: Ju'lee: your right about germany
(04/01 21:18:55)  GoMeLeonardo: yes Germans too
(04/01 21:19:23)  [crier] blutec: with 3 dutch speaking ppl in the room i rest my case
(04/01 21:19:29)  GoMe_Irissa: heh
(04/01 21:19:30)  crierTelka: Lol
(04/01 21:19:44)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: I wonder if the liaisons we have to the non-english speaking folk make it a point to visit their bevins sometimes?
(04/01 21:19:46)  Luna(nne): in the dutch community there are 2 groups who don't really communicate with each other
(04/01 21:19:47)  GoMeLeonardo: the next update of the website should help us handle this side a bit more, with the internationalization module
(04/01 21:20:00)  GoMe_Irissa: Leo: very nice to hear
(04/01 21:20:15)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: what is the internationalization module - what will it do?
(04/01 21:20:22)  GoMeLeonardo: Shorah seunghi
(04/01 21:20:25)  Luna(nne): since they are both smal they are not very active in organizaing things outside their own community
(04/01 21:20:32)  GoMe_Irissa: Shorah, Seunghi
(04/01 21:20:34)  crierTelka: Shorah seunghi
(04/01 21:20:37)  seunghi: Hello
(04/01 21:20:39)  Luna(nne): shorah
(04/01 21:20:40)  [crier] blutec: shorah seunghi
(04/01 21:21:08)  GoMeLeonardo: the internationalization module will increase the website capabilities of making translations of the full interface and making better translations
(04/01 21:21:49)  Luna(nne): i hope translating will also become easier
(04/01 21:21:54)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: fantastic!
(04/01 21:22:18)  GoMeLeonardo: it will also be useful to create better pages. Lke right now I can't set it up for diplaying the front page with the translated text...it always shows in english an you have to click on the flag to see the translation
(04/01 21:22:38)  GoMeLeonardo: yes translation should become a little better
(04/01 21:23:25)  GoMeLeonardo: do youhave any other suggestion about how to organize the website?
(04/01 21:23:59)  GoMeLeonardo: Seunghi are you interested in the Guild of Messengers?
(04/01 21:24:13)  GoMeLeonardo: :)
(04/01 21:24:13)  Luna(nne): working links for one
(04/01 21:24:28)  GoMeLeonardo: working links?
(04/01 21:24:30)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: lots of updating of information, like guild organizaton
(04/01 21:24:31)  seunghi: I could be.  this is actually my first time so i don't even know what that is, lol
(04/01 21:24:31)  GoMe_Irissa: I really dont, at this time.but then, as an english speaking player, I like the site as it is.
(04/01 21:24:32)  Luna(nne): I have often that links to another part of the website don;t work
(04/01 21:24:48)  GoMeLeonardo: lol, so welcome to the Messengers Pub :)
(04/01 21:24:55)  seunghi: Thx :)
(04/01 21:25:14)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Yes, and welcome to our meeting too seunghi :-)
(04/01 21:25:32)  seunghi: Thx for the warm reception :)
(04/01 21:25:35)  GoMeLeonardo: that happens with old documents...I think many of the things in the Guild Books are outdated.
(04/01 21:25:54)  Luna(nne): yeah but also to another , active thread
(04/01 21:25:58)  GoMe_Irissa: Oh yes, thats true
(04/01 21:26:20)  GoMeLeonardo: the site Admins were responisible for that...but then they disappeared XD
(04/01 21:26:23)  Luna(nne): I think almost all the links don't work
(04/01 21:26:35)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: Yes Leo, I find that disconcerting --though I understand why that is
(04/01 21:26:39)  GoMeLeonardo: Lunanne are you displaying the website in dutch?
(04/01 21:26:45)  Luna(nne): yeah
(04/01 21:27:03)  Luna(nne): so I can see what is translated and what not
(04/01 21:27:12)  GoMeLeonardo: that's anotehr problem....I hope it will get solved soon. Language breaks URLSs
(04/01 21:27:20)  Luna(nne): oh okay
(04/01 21:27:25)  GoMe_Irissa: Perhaps a thread wher we could dump a list of outdated material, and people could attack said areas as they can?
(04/01 21:27:34)  GoMeLeonardo: if you find broken urls try to diplay the website in english
(04/01 21:27:48)  GoMeLeonardo: That would be nice Irissa
(04/01 21:27:56)  GoMe_Irissa: I've added to my list
(04/01 21:28:04)  Luna(nne): yeah I'll do that for now. thei half dutch/english thing is irritating anyway
(04/01 21:28:09)  Luna(nne): * the
(04/01 21:28:11)  GoMeLeonardo: XD
(04/01 21:28:32)  GoMeLeonardo: hopefully the internationalization will allow to translate the whole interface and not just parts
(04/01 21:29:31)  GoMe_Irissa: Leo: that would be very awesome
(04/01 21:29:36)  GoMeLeonardo: I think the dutch language interface is just as it was at installation time, some things can be translated right now too
(04/01 21:29:59)  Luna(nne): well there hasn't been a lot translated in dutch yet either :(
(04/01 21:30:07)  GoMeLeonardo: :(
(04/01 21:30:16)  Luna(nne): yeash I'm working on it but it is hard ecpecially since I'm missing context often
(04/01 21:30:24)  GoMeLeonardo: I see
(04/01 21:30:34)  Luna(nne): and time
(04/01 21:30:41)  GoMeLeonardo: post on the forum if you have any questions
(04/01 21:30:53)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: time is my worst enemy
(04/01 21:31:01)  GoMe_Irissa: I think it is for all of us, heh.
(04/01 21:31:06)  GoMeLeonardo: yeah, having just one translator puts a load on you
(04/01 21:31:12)  Luna(nne): I'll try to make a lists of the things I notice and ask one of these days
(04/01 21:31:22) GoMeLeonardo says okay
(04/01 21:31:52)  Luna(nne): blutec if you ever feel like you have some extra time .....
(04/01 21:32:33)  [crier] blutec: for short messages I don't mind to translate, but not whole pages, sorry
(04/01 21:32:46)  Luna(nne): it are very short pieces really
(04/01 21:32:51)  Luna(nne): everything is broken up
(04/01 21:33:03)  GoMeLeonardo: I can give you access to the translation interface
(04/01 21:33:54)  GoMeLeonardo: done :P
(04/01 21:35:02)  GoMeLeonardo: Anything else you may want to discuss?
(04/01 21:35:46)  GoMeLeonardo: I think we have reached the end of our list ^^
(04/01 21:35:59)  GoMe.Ju'lee D: good meeting!  and nice to see everyone
(04/01 21:36:06)  GoMeLeonardo: yes yes
(04/01 21:36:12)  GoMeLeonardo: I's been a while since we had one
(04/01 21:36:13) [crier] blutec salutes
(04/01 21:36:16)  Luna(nne): indeed :)
(04/01 21:36:28)  GoMe_Irissa: It was indeed a pleasure to see the faces of more GoMe members!
(04/01 21:36:29)  GoMeLeonardo: thank you everyone for your input
(04/01 21:36:40)  [crier] blutec: TY GM Leo for hosting the meeting, TY all for the meeting & fun :-)
(04/01 21:36:47)  GoMeLeonardo: ^^
(04/01 21:36:50)  GoMe_Irissa: Leo: well done!
(04/01 21:36:51) crierTelka thanks you
(04/01 21:36:57) GoMeLeonardo thanks you
(04/01 21:37:11)  GoMeLeonardo: I'll post the chatlog on the website ASAP
(04/01 21:37:25)  GoMe_Irissa: Can't wait to see it :) In full, since I missed some of it, heh.
(04/01 21:37:35)  GoMeLeonardo: cleared a bit I can XD
(04/01 21:37:42)  GoMeLeonardo: *if I can
(04/01 21:37:47)  [crier] blutec: oh my what have I said in your absence... lol
(04/01 21:37:55)  crierTelka: Lol
(04/01 21:37:56) GoMe.Ju'lee D smiles
(04/01 21:37:56) GoMeLeonardo says DOH!
(04/01 21:38:16)  GoMeLeonardo: so...my dinner is waiting for me XD
(04/01 21:38:18)  [crier] blutec: well, have a good night/day all
(04/01 21:38:23) [crier] blutec waves goodbye
(04/01 21:38:25)  GoMeLeonardo: it has been a pleasure to see you all!!
(04/01 21:38:28)  Luna(nne): have a good day
(04/01 21:38:30) GoMe.Ju'lee D waves goodbye
(04/01 21:38:31)  GoMeLeonardo: cya soon!
(04/01 21:38:33)  GoMe_Irissa: I'm off to write and write and write some more in the forums!
(04/01 21:38:34)  From Simos in Simos' Relto: shorah
(04/01 21:38:34)  crierTelka: See you, have fun!
(04/01 21:38:37)  GoMeLeonardo: have good day!
(04/01 21:38:41) crierTelka waves goodbye
(04/01 21:38:42) ...Chat.log stopped.

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